Afterlife Wingdings
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Afterlife Wingdings
The TV show "The Good Place" has lots of easter eggs, including some strange otherworldly text. I decided to make a font out of it.
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That upper case P is a delight. I think that all these glyphs actually make some kind of sense, but only if you can see them in 9 dimensions.
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If you'd like to be able to mix the symbols with English text more easily (in a Markdown or plain text file, for instance, where you can't switch between fonts) then the ConScript Unicode Registry might be of interest. For example, ⰴ ⰰ ⰻ ⰶ ⰵ ⱅ ⱉ ⱀ ⱁ ⱃ ⱒ ⰵ ⰽ ⰾ ⱏ ⱀ ⰻ ⰻ ⰱ ⱁ ⰳ ⰻ ⰱ ⰻ ⰰ ⱀ ⰾ ⰰ ⰻ ⰳ ⰵ ⰲ ⰰ ⰼ ⰾ ⰻ ⱄ ⱅ҃ ⰻ ⰻ ⱄ ⱅ҃ ⰰ ⱑ ⰾ ⱆ ⱌ ⰻ ⱑ ⰰ ⱞ ⱀ ⱏ
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I posted this update there: WhatTheFont was able to recognize the decoder ring! It's Deniart Alchemy B. Alchemy C looks like the fuzzy text on Shawn's computer screen.
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