Endarkenment: Dark Ambient Music Newsletter
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Endarkenment: Dark Ambient Music Newsletter
Endarkenment is a new digital subscription periodical + web archive of contemplative writing on dark ambient music appreciation. The author is a longtime dark ambient nerd who's also writing a book (with interview quotes) about the genre. Newsletter features include deep-dive interviews, themed playlists + liner notes, and an underrated albums series. The default subscription tier is free; readers can upgrade to help support the artists and gain full access to all interviews.

Artists and labels I've interviewed so far: Northumbria, Hypnagoga Press, and a rare special feature interview with the reclusive Ulf Söderberg (his first interview in over a decade). Lots more on the way, including interviews with Desiderii Marginis and the thriving Cryo Chamber label. Also in the works: a piece on my experience attending the first Ambient Church event in Portland, OR.

A few reader favorites:
Dark Ambient Journalism: Interview with the Writers (cross-interview in which I explain the community-based funding model behind the newsletter)
Uneasy Listening: Dark Ambient Music Appreciation for Pagans
The Inward Eye: Dark Ambient for Solitude (playlist)
No Light in Sight: A Dark Ambient Hymn to the Northern Winter (plalyist)
The Void: Dark Ambient for Deep Meditation, Vol. 1 (playlist)

My fan profile on Bandcamp (including brief review blurbs)
My free playlists on Playmoss
YouTube channel in development
FAQ on how the newsletter works

Special thanks to Foosnark, bongo_x and hippybear for the encouragement.
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