Standup/story video about nightmare NYC apt. hunt
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Standup/story video about nightmare NYC apt. hunt
I'm a standup and storyteller in NYC, and you may have heard my stuff on 'The Moth' podcast or 'This American Life.' I just got some good video of a new story that I'm really proud of and I'm showing it off here.

It's about a NIGHTMARE apartment hunt in NYC and a chance encounter with Ryan Gosling.
Role: Writer/Producer/Performer
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That was awesome. So funny. Thank you.
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I'm embarrassed to say the spoiler-y headline on your reddit post got me click first, even though I saw this submission before. Nice work! I remember hearing your empathetic screaming match story, which has such a great ending. Glad you're getting such nice feedback!

I'll quote your plug comment on reddit for the benefit of MeFites:
  1. I came out with an album last year that's available digitally here:
  2. You can buy it on HOT PINK VINYL here:
  3. You can hear it on Spotify here -
  4. I have a mailing list:
  5. Instagram:
  6. Twitter: @jeffsimmermon
  7. Bonus round: Tweet this story @RyanGosling!

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That was funny. Thanks.
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