Adventures in San Francisco Gardening
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Adventures in San Francisco Gardening
Gardening in San Francisco can be difficult- the weather alone makes it an adventure. This is my attempt to chronicle my ongoing adventure in vegetables and herbs.

I waited to put this on projects til I had more than 15 posts. I have 18 with a 19th coming later today. I'm averaging about 5+ posts a week which is good.

Marvel as I battle aphids- be wowed, by the sheer volume of beans my backyard can produce, weep as the continuing cold and wet weather kills my prospects of a functional tomato plant...

Once I have more background and posts up, I'll probably get into a regular schedule. Mom is trying to find all the old pictures she has of when she was working the earth in the 80's so expect a throwback Tuesday/Thursday type feature soon with old photographs- recipes, general gardening advice and tribulations, that sort of thing. Also probably going to crack open my Golden Gate Gardening textbook and share pages from that- I was lucky enough to take classes with Pam Peirce.

Also regular updates on the best features of my garden- mint thunderdome and the triffid like fava beans that are going to climb through my window one night and strangle me.
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Love it! Read and subscribed.
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Nice! I gardened in SF for ~15ish years before leaving his spring and I agree -- it was weird and unpredictable (and your tomato is giving me flashbacks). But there were always surprise successes, too. Looking forward to reading about yours. Great pics!
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Aww, that silly bee-eater!
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Lovely! Read and following.
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Thanks, I'll follow too. I've spent a bit of time wandering SF years ago, nice to see behind the wall for once.
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Comfrey tea - Phwew! I was concerned you were drinking it! Bad for the liver. Fantastic if you ever need something to heal up quickly, though! Also called knitbone, or boneknit, I forget which. Because it is so strong it can literally be used to help your broken bones heal. Do not use for more than 6 weeks per year. Make the salve from the root for a stronger dose.
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