Queer Lady Magician
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Queer Lady Magician
Remember this question about being a Queer Lady Magician? It's real now. Coming to a Melbourne Fringe near you.

Queer Lady Magician is a stage magic and storytelling show where I revisit my childhood love of stage magic as a social-justice-savvy adult while also battling demons of impostor syndrome and emotional trauma. It's funny, sincere, salty, heartfelt, thoughtful, and strange - sometimes all at once.

The first run is being produced thanks to a mentorship by Women's Circus, who've been giving us a little bit of funding, rehearsal space, and so much creative & production support. We're also about to launch a crowdfunding campaign very soon!

Technically the Melbourne Fringe show is under an embargo till August, though people have known about the show since I signed the contract with Women's Circus in February. There's also some possibility of it going past Fringe, let's see how this one goes!
Role: Magician, Writer, Co-Producer
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Wow ! Fantastic!! I remember your question and am just incredibly thrilled that you've got an act together. Badly want to hop a plane to see your show.
posted by sammyo at 7:00 AM on July 21, 2018

That's awesome. I'm super happy for you and excited about it. Magic could definitely use a wider range of voices in it. I thought you might be interested in learning that Carissa Hendrix and Kayla Drescher just started a magic podcast.

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Wink Ricketts: HOLY SHIT. I was putting together my media outreach list the other day and was LITERALLY thinking "if only there was some kind of outlet that was the intersection of magic and social justice". 24 hours later - TADAH.

Thank you so much, I dropped them a line and am listening to them now!
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hurrah! I've listened to two episodes now. I think it will be really insightful if their schedules allow them to keep it up. I don't know either of them personally, but know Carisa second-hand and I get the impression she's pretty driven so I'm hopeful. I look forward to hearing you sometime soon(?!) on it!
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Update: WE DID IT!!!

We have a pretty good run at Melbourne Fringe and will return (with some improvements thanks to a mentor) early 2019. I've also performed chunks of the show at different events and festivals around town.

Here's an excerpt! (This is from a house-part--style performance event at Newcastle)
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