Dr Poopy's Medicinal Jam
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Dr Poopy's Medicinal Jam
Dr Poopy's Medicinal Jam is a weekly live stream of live music, running every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm to 9.30pm UK time. Vibe leans generally towards acoustica / Americana but you never know.

Hosted by myself (bass / vocals / mandolin / mandolele) and H from the Stolen Band (cajon / vocals / percussion / general awesomeness), we have a different guest or guests each week.

Highlights videos are posted to YouTube later - they can be viewed here. So far, each messy two hours of livestream has yielded a good 35-40 minutes of Best Bits.

I'm really excited by this project - it's like I'm getting to make a new live album every week with a different friend.

Previous guests include two of the best songwriters in London at the moment (I am obviously biased as they are friends but it is all true): Dana Immanuel and Rob Corcoran, plus ex-Pope and Camden legend Whiskey Mick and the all-banjo-all-the-time lunacy that is Banjöverkill. (Full disclosure: I am also the bassjo-ist in Banjöverkill.)

A full list of upcoming guests is on the Twitch page, all awesome, but including such as arch-goth harp / fiddle virtuoso Hana Piranha, late night festival darlings Hopeless Sinners and blues-legend-in-the-making Sean Taylor.

All of which hyperbole feels weird to say, because these are all also friends of mine.

But why not? Yes, this is basically me and my musician friends mucking around having fun making music on camera. That's exactly what it is.

Thing is, I am old enough, ugly enough, have knocked around enough and am lucky enough to be friends with some of the best musicians in London. So it's about time I had them over to play, and the whole point of Dr Poopy is that you can join us. Please do.
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NB, if you only listen to one tune from the Dr Poopy's smörgåsbord, this traditional number from Banjöverkill should give you a general idea of what is going on here.
posted by motty at 10:52 PM on July 3, 2018

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