This Room Will Kill You
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This Room Will Kill You
This is my first game -- a surreal, story-driven RPG with horror elements -- inspired by The Stanley Parable, Yume Nikki, and all the wonderful 90s jRPGs that I grew up with.

The basic premise is that you're trapped in a room and need to find your way out. Fail and you die. There is a whole lot more, but I don't want to spoil the experience.

It's relatively short (< 1 hour), but I tried to pack it full of meaningful choices and endings that feel unique.

If you plan to play, I'd suggest going into it blind, and interacting with everything you can. There is a lot going on, and the game rewards exploration.

I really hope you like it, if anything breaks, let me know.
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This looks like fun! I downloaded it for free this morning to see if it would work (I'm on Linux) and I'm happy to report that it appears to work just fine under Wine! Of course I haven't really done anything yet so something could always break later but...oh well. I'll buy it again towards the end of the week when I get paid and actually pay for it this time.

Congrats on the first game and great job!
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