From Science to SciComm
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From Science to SciComm
I made a downloadable workbook/guide for science PhD students and postdocs who are interested in a future career in science communication. Why? Because this didn't exist yet, and until now everyone just had to figure it all out on their own.

When I first joined MetaFilter many years ago, I was a grad student in biochemistry. I was mostly interested in a non-research career, and had a vague sense of "science communication" as a thing, but it took me over a decade of struggling, attending conferences, blogging, moving countries, and working on various projects to finally get to a point where I had a good grasp of what a career in science communication entails.

So I wrote this guide to help other people, and they seem to find it useful!
The main thing I learned in the past decade, and what I try to convey in the workbook, is that a career in science communication requires a completely different way of thinking about yourself, your skills and your audience than scientists are being trained to do.

MeMail me to get a discount code for 40% off, just for MeFites :)
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