Privilege: A user manual
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Privilege: A user manual
This is an intro-level explanation of privilege, intersectionality, and all that stuff for people who believe in equality but just have some questions. (A lot of it is based on observing many arguments here at MeFi.) It's for Nice Guys™, not for your racist uncle— I don't know how to reach that dude.

I would be happy to get feedback on it to make sure it's useful and on the right track.

I started writing this at least three years ago. It was intended to be a supplement to this page on liberal morality, which in turn was a supplement to this page on the pragmatics of liberalism. Both pages got FPPs, for what that's worth.

If it's, like, a totally bad idea, that's fine, I don't want to post something to the larger world that isn't helpful. I do think there's a place for 101-level introductions; plenty of people would simply never read (say) Peggy McIntosh's essay for themselves.
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