New Interactive Sculpture!
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New Interactive Sculpture!
Check out various stages of my new interactive sculpture tentatively titled "In The Dark." It's a mixed media piece that uses 3P Quick Cure Clay, glow powder, glass, water, algae, and black lights. It's approximately 5x14x5". These photos are from fairly early in the sculpture's life, and I hope the algae continues to grow thicker as time goes on.

I recently asked this question in AskMeFi, and figured some of you may want to see the results!
Role: artist
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That's very nice! Thank you for sharing it. I like it a lot. I'm looking forward to seeing the other works on your web site (it's loading a bit slowly, but it looks like it will be worth it).
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Yeah, it's always hard for me to decide whether to use high quality and slow-to-load images or lower quality for faster processing speed... I tend to stick to the former but I sometimes think I'm wrong in that. Thanks for looking and persevering despite the delayed load!
posted by vegartanipla at 12:07 PM on June 29, 2017

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