Lofi Hero
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Lofi Hero
In hopes of supplementing my income while looking for work, I decided to release (via Bandcamp) a collection of recent lofi recordings I've been producing to wile away the stressful lonely hours since my divorce when I'm coping with separation anxiety over my kids and the stress of my recent personal financial crisis. "Lofi Hero" collects one-offs, demos, and various spontaneous rough recordings I captured on my mobile phone while developing songs for a larger studio effort with other collaborators that I hope to be able to release later this year or early next, depending on what the challenges of my financial hardship and other responsibilities permit.

Some of these songs will eventually feature on the forthcoming full-length studio album "Tragicomic Americana" I've been working with a variety of session players to produce under the band name "Steven Mizener and The Wishing Well Divers." I know it's fantastically unlikely selling this collection of recordings will solve any of my financial problems, but if even only a few people buy the collection, it will make it easier for me to eat and get bus fare in the interim while I have no income, personal transportation, or reserves, so I figured I shouldn't shy away from at least trying to sell it since I'm putting in the labor either way.
Role: singer-songwriter, producer, composer
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Oh, also meant to mention the download comes with a bonus standard definition video I made on my phone for the track "Kidnapped by Americans Blues," also here on YouTube in higher definition.
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