ketchupReader - a webclient for Pocket
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ketchupReader - a webclient for Pocket
I just built a web-client for Pocket ( - an online bookmarking/read-it-later service) with extra features the current Pocket web-client doesn't have (and I have more planned). Uses the power and ubiquity of Pocket, but adds features the current interface lacks.

Extra Features I added so far:
* Being able to browse by URL and it's subpath ( is a great use case for that)
* Being able to see number of items in a tag
* Sorting by Title or by URL
* Lots of keyboard shortcuts

Features Planned:
* Autotag Rules
* Advanced Search
* Pin Tags/URLs
* Pocket By Email
* Mobile Clients
and more...

Let me know what ya'll think =c)
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* Autotag Rules

Not sure what your planner here but it sounds brilliant. Off on a search&destro discover on a particular topic, add a tag for the general topic of the day/hunt!

I just installed Pocket so it may be a while before I try your stuff, but a better bookmark is certainly needed.
posted by sammyo at 5:10 PM on March 13, 2017

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