The Internet's Biggest Corporate Crime Database in danger of going offline
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The Internet's Biggest Corporate Crime Database in danger of going offline
Back when we started the KNOWMORE.ORG project in 2005, we posted about it here, Excited young pups that we were. In the time in between we educated hundreds of thousands of readers over the last decade, covered the entire Global Fortune 500 and then some, and rated each company for Worker's Rights, Environmental Concerns, Human Rights, Political Influence and Business Ethics. We created an award winning browser plug-in, helped remove Dov Charney from American Apparel, and did it all on volunteer hours and DIY fundraising before crowdsourcing existed. Sadly, pending a crowdsourcing appeal, the site is in danger of closing down this April.

Unfortunately, pending an ambitious funding appeal which you can check out at KNOWMORE.ORG, the site will be taken offline for good in April. We're giving folks one last chance to "vote with their wallet" on whether the web's largest corporate crime database still needs to exist.

Beyond the Crowdsourcing video, see also my recent interview with RT America and Huffington Post blog about the site.
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The site is already offline, and has been replaced with the crowdfunding link at This makes it difficult to link to the front page.
posted by scruss at 7:13 AM on February 7, 2017

Have you approached the Archive Team?
posted by gryftir at 6:01 PM on February 18, 2017

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