Strada Vecchia
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Strada Vecchia
Some friends and I are in the planning a Classic Car event - Strada Vecchia is Italian for The Old Road. The Extended Description below is an extract from the current draft (which is being regularly updated) of the 2017 event which is available on the website.

Strada Vecchia, (Italian for ‘old road’), is a commemorative and nostalgic re-run of the car journeys that many UK holidaymakers made - and still make today – across Europe for their summer vacation.

For some, it was a journey to revisit their roots or their relatives in other European countries. For those with no connections abroad, it was the lure of an adventure discovering the continent from the freedom and independence of their own vehicle.

From the mid-1950s onwards, as car ownership increased, travelling to Italy by car was the only practical way a family could enjoy a holiday at its fullest. It offered the flexibility of bringing everything you wanted to pack into your vehicle, including the kitchen sink. You could stop anywhere and whenever along the route, buy fresh baguettes and rest up
for the night wherever you found accommodation.

Once at the desired destination, having your own transport allowed you to visit relatives and friends, get around the small villages and towns, and explore the local area.

The vehicles were painstakingly prepared for the journey: suitcases piled onto roof-racks; bags stuffed into every available space inside; windows sparkling clean and bodywork highly waxed. In those days, there were very few motorways so the route took you through French towns and countryside, over the Alps and into Italy.

The journey was part of the holiday itself.

Strada Vecchia 2017 is a four-day event for classic vehicles, although non-classic vehicles are also welcome. The journey from the UK to Italy is over two days, with two night stopovers, and then two days at the final destination.

On arrival at the destination, there will be a presentation of the classic vehicles taking part. On the final day, there will be a local circuit drive of about 20 miles with the classic vehicles leading.

The event finishes in the evening with a gala dinner with prize giving.

There will be prizes for the best turned out classic vehicle, the best team photo for the 4 p.m tea stop, and the best dressed team (according to style and age of the vehicle). After the event, the teams taking part can continue their holiday to other destinations, or return to the UK.

The destination for Strada Vecchia 2017 is Bardi, a small picturesque town dominated by a 9th Century castle fortress, in the Apennine mountains of the Emilia-Romagna region of North-Western Italy.

Bardi is situated about 60 Km Southwest of Parma, and about 60 Km Northeast of Genoa.

All vehicles will leave the UK from Dover, and the Strada Vecchia route begins at Calais. Subject to availability and the number of teams taking part, we plan to include two night stopovers at hotels en route, with evening meal and breakfast included. The first around the Châlons-en-Champagne area of North-Eastern France and the second in the Lago Maggiore area of North-Western Italy.

Strada Vecchia is not a race, nor is it a time trial. Participating teams will be required to stop at a number of locations to take photos, as a way of validating their journey. There will be plenty of extra time during the day for sightseeing stops and deviation from the assigned route. The only time constraint is to try to arrive at the stopovers by 8 p.m.
Strada Vecchia 2017 Bardi takes place from 20-23 July 2017.

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