Fake app review detector
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Fake app review detector
I've spent the past 18 months or so slogging away at apprecs.com, an app search engine that can detect review manipulation. You can see the worst offenders here. I posted this back when this was iOS-only, and I'd like to share some major new features I've added.

Here are some of the things it does:
  • Detects review manipulation and excludes such reviews from the each app's star rating.
  • Shows stats on each reviewer (e.g., "this reviewer has left 20 reviews, all of them very negative").
  • Provides really powerful Search for iOS and Android. Filter by many criteria such as category, price, in-app purchases, how recently updated, and user demographics.
  • Constantly checks for price drops, and can send you a notification about apps in your watchlist or a daily price drops digest.
  • Gives you recommendations for alternatives based on analysis of the app you're looking at.
  • If you create or view a list of apps, it calculates recommendations of other apps based on that list.
  • If you're looking at an iOS app, it finds the matching Android app if one exists, and vice versa.
  • Scans any webpage for apps mentioned on that page and creates a list from it.
  • Has no ads or paid content of any kind. It just participates in Apple's affiliate program, which has no impact on the user.
So... now that I've built it, is there anything I could change/add so you'd use it at least sometimes vs. always go to the iOS or Android app stores directly?
Role: Sole developer
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This is really neat and--sincerely--a public service.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 11:09 AM on October 21, 2016 [1 favorite]

Thanks for the encouragement!
posted by hodgebodge at 1:39 PM on October 21, 2016

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