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A free, one-button arcade game for Windows and Mac.

Created as part of the One Button Jam, RotoDefendo is about surviving an onslaught of no-good triangles.
Role: design/art/code/music
posted by davejh (4 comments total)

This looks cool, but it doesn't work on my Mac! I extracted the application, right-clicked it and selected "Open", and received an error message that said: “RotoDefendo” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

I'm running MacOS 10.11.15 on a 15-inch Retina MBP, mid-2015.
posted by a mirror and an encyclopedia at 1:28 PM on September 1, 2016

Ha, I was able to get it to run by launching the executable inside the app package directly from the command line. (Double-clicking on it in the Finder doesn't work.)

The game is fun!
posted by a mirror and an encyclopedia at 2:18 PM on September 1, 2016

That's weird! I'll have to look into that.

A small development on this project, RotoDefendo is now playable in the browser thanks to the magic of HTML5!
posted by davejh at 6:38 PM on September 7, 2016

A fun thing! That said, your link to the Pan Galactic Railway website is broken.
posted by Going To Maine at 4:31 PM on September 8, 2016

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