Bus to November
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Bus to November
A 3000-mile journey across the country by bus, talking to people about theirs lives and the upcoming presidential election.

Bloomberg reporter Esmé E. Deprez and I traveled for two weeks on (mostly) Greyhound buses from Philadelphia to Los Angeles talking to people about their lives and the upcoming 2016 presidential election. We spoke at length with over 100 people on the buses and in 11 cities and towns between Philly and LA. Our final daily dispatch just posted today, and you can scroll down for the rest. Some are transcripts of interviews, some use conversations as a start for examining issues in this cycle, some are just photos with short quotes or vignettes. There's also a short video from Bloomberg/MSNBC's With All Due Respect from one day in the middle of our trip.

This is an extension of work I've done looking at American politics this year and last: the New Hampshire presidential primary (previously on Projects and the blue); the White House Correspondents Dinner;and the RNC and DNC.
Role: photographer
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