Media/digital literacy, with snarky puppets.
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Media/digital literacy, with snarky puppets.
An update on what we've been up to at The Media Show, including an interview with the head of punk label Kill Rock Stars and arguing with a puppet version of Richard Stallman.

It's been a while since I updated MeFites on The Media Show, my series on media and digital literacy. We've been answering questions that people ask Google about media-related topics, in the hopes that our episodes will help answer their questions. (We've gotten on Boing Boing and Lifehacker! I'm so excited.) Hope these are of interest to librarians, educators, media producers, puppeteers, and the rest of y'all:

On media monopoly and music, with Kill Rock Stars president Portia Sabin: Why does the radio play the same songs over and over? Possibly the best thing we've done, but I may be biased by my lifelong desire to see Americans understand how media shape what they see and hear. Four episodes total: on AM/FM or "terrestrial" radio, internet radio, everything else that was awesome that Portia said (stick around for her take on Americans and music at the end), and an animated graphic on media consolidation.

How do hackers find my passwords? Non-technical attacks, dramatized with puppets trying to get into a dance club, to help everyday folks understand ways their accounts can be compromised. (Bonus appearance by "Ricky M. Stillborn," parrot on head.)

How does the internet cross the ocean? We flush one of our interns down the toilet to find out. Useful to help people understand that it's not all about satellites or cell phone towers.

Why is TV bad for babies and little kids? A fuzzy little puppet (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Fizzgig in The Dark Crystal) acts out the ways screen time can have a negative impact on developing minds.

Is the news real? Why is it depressing? We delve into the reasons why television news leads with shocking headlines.

What are camera angles and what do they do?
A lightweight exploration of how cinematography shapes viewers' emotions.

Where do programmers work? We demonstrate that programmers work all kinds of places, and are all kinds of people, around the world!

How do cell phones distract students? A fantasia on school and technology.

Why do actors act? Nothing even remotely educational here, just doing some fun improv with the cast of Puppet Shakespeare. Parts one, two, three, and four.
Role: Producer, director, editor, writer, puppeteer
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