Decrypting Rita
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Decrypting Rita
I spent four and a half years drawing a comic about a robot lady dragged out of reality by her ex-boyfriend. It's done now. You can finally find out if she managed to get herself back together and stop that hive-mind from taking over the planet. Somehow I managed to get some amazing blurbs for it somewhere along the way...

"Decrypting Rita is that rarest and most refreshing of things: a science–fiction story that feels like it comes from the future."
- Phil Foglio

"Deliriously confusing and addictive... It’s kind of wonderful."
- Peter Watts

"Seriously folks, if you haven't looked at Decrypting Rita yet you really ought to. Innovative, fresh, interesting, and it does my head in."
- Charlie Stross

I finished it a year ago but it kinda just sat for a while due to Life Getting Complicated; now I'm trying to make some noise about it being done. This may be related to the fact that I've got a Kickstarter running to print it.
Role: artist, writer
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This looks very cool, congrats!
posted by chapps at 3:54 PM on July 16, 2016

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