A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances - a book
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A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances - a book
I edited a book for freelancers to help them figure out things like how to price, how to chase payment and how to make sense of their accounting reports. It's pretty comprehensive, and it's free to download.

This was a work project, and also a complete labour of love and a huge learning experience.

When I laid out the book, I wanted to create something that mixed first-person experiences with research and expert advice, telling the story about not just surviving as a freelancer, but thriving and confidently handling the finances. The book starts with a lot of the "finance" things that people think about first like pricing and chasing money, then opens out to a section about bringing all the accounting numbers together and making them work for you.

There's a UK and Universal Edition - the UK version has an extra section about tax and some UK-specific stats about web designer and developer rates by region. You should get the correct edition automatically through the magic of GeoIP.

The book is free, and was published by my employer FreeAgent, who make online accounting software for freelancers.
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This looks relevant to my interests. Please use my email address for good.
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