Shit VCs Say
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Shit VCs Say
A quiz game that takes a critical look at some of the weirder propaganda coming out of Silicon Valley. It's a quick play through and I'd love feedback. There's a short writeup with screenshots for those interested: And the code is here:
Role: programmer, designer
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It's kind of slow on initial load, perhaps include default shit?

What's the takeaway, the call-to-action? Is the hope to put VCs more in the spotlight and therefore to call them out on some of the zanier stuff they say? (I thought there was plenty of that already..?) Or perhaps as someone in tech, I just don't get it and find myself agreeing with too many of these? Or is it to get better at identifying VCs so I might have some hope of finding funding some day?

Have seen anything like this around something more issue based? I worked on a site that collects quotes about marijuana legalization, some of the people giving quotes might be surprising. Doing one around universal basic income could also be interesting.
posted by mikhuang at 12:01 PM on March 23, 2016

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