Tangemeenie - The Big Dismal
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Tangemeenie - The Big Dismal
It breaks my heart it had to go down this way, but I'm finally releasing the last album my wife Lori and I made as Tangemeenie before our recent split. I'm in between paying gigs at the moment and our family is in a difficult transition period, so if nothing else, consider buying it and spreading the word to help a fellow human being out.

Reprinted from my Steven Mizener artist page on Facebook: "Sometimes the world has a funny way of taking your best intentions and forcing you to beat yourself over the head with them. An example: I'd planned to release this album and promote it with a sort of ironic social media marketing campaign in which I would make an ass of myself pretending to shamelessly plug the project as a commercial enterprise, in keeping with the larger Faustian theme of "selling out." It never was purely a money-making exercise, in fact. Real, substantive artistic and personal motivations beyond turning a profit led me to want to make this album. But it seemed to me somebody needed to try to knock some of the stuffing out of the pretense that artists should "be above" wanting to make money from their craft, an idea that embodies exactly the sort of naive, rarefied idealism that leads to exploitation and self-sabotaging behavior from what I've seen over the years making and selling music in various forms since adolescence. It's a profoundly culturally and economically privileged point of view, that anyone in a society like ours could honestly see themselves as above ordinary concerns like making money. So the hope was to play a minor part in opening up a little breathing room for more honest conversations about art and commerce. Now I've got no good reason to release this album at all except for the remote hope it might make some money. So please take a moment of time and do whatever small part you can to help spread the word about this album. If you can afford it, buy a copy for yourself, too. "The Big Dismal" may see a re-release in a remastered form in the future. If so, you'll get the remastered version in return for your Bandcamp purchase, too, when it's ready."
Role: songwriter, producer, musician, singer
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Here's to better days ahead...
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Thanks carmicha! And thanks to anyone who helps out by buying or getting more eyeballs on this thing. Even just a little would help a lot. There's a huge list of expenses right now that just keeps getting bigger until we can reach some kind of resolution, and once court costs start coming, the hole's only going to get deeper.
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