Malimbe: an asynchronous server-side web framework in Swift
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Malimbe: an asynchronous server-side web framework in Swift
After Apple open-sourced their Swift programming language and released a preliminary Linux port, I started putting together a server-side web framework for it. So did many others, though my web framework is (as far as I know) the only one to use futures for concurrency. It's still very much a work in progress, though now has a few toy apps, some useful middleware, and a Swiftily protocol-based HTML generation mechanism.

My framework is named Malimbe, after several species of African weaver bird; the main influences on its design are various Python/WSGI frameworks (notably Pylons/Pyramid) and the Play framework for Scala (though this is much more minimal, at least at this stage). I hope that once Swift on Linux matures, it can form the basis of a compact and performant back-end. There is a blog post here, and an earlier one describing the Futures implementation in it here.
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