2016 All Candidates Debate
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2016 All Candidates Debate
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posted by Greg Nog (6 comments total)
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This. Is. Amazing.
posted by xingcat at 8:18 AM on February 9, 2016 [1 favorite]

This is resonating very well with the focus group of Metafilter users named duffell.
posted by duffell at 8:28 AM on February 9, 2016

Pls let this be the start of a series
posted by churl at 1:25 PM on February 9, 2016 [1 favorite]

This made me laugh; posted!
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 6:20 PM on February 9, 2016

Please please please can there be an update for the next level of debates?

Also please can it find a way to include the Marco Rubio song because my 7 year old son is still singing it but now we're getting much weirder looks at airports.
posted by Mchelly at 10:55 AM on September 9, 2016

I cannot even tell you how much you made my day. There was even an airport!
posted by Mchelly at 8:25 AM on October 5, 2016

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