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Iconic British science fiction magazine SXFX will celebrate its 21st anniversary later this year, so here’s a quick look back at some of the articles from the rarely seen and much sought after first issue. Articles include a raucous talk with Lori Petty and Naomi Watts about the upcoming Tank Girl movie; a chat with the new Doctor Who on the set of his long-awaited TV turn; a conversation with Jonathan Frakes about his return to the Star Trek franchise with his on-going role on new series Voyager; Iain F. Banks discussing his Culture's Dawn trilogy; a review of the first six episodes of David Lynch's new TV show, The X-Files; a look ahead at the launch line-up for Nintendo's new Play Station console; and even an interview with GRR Martin about his long-awaited new book.
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Even my cursory read of this has broken my brain.

(that Tank Girl soundtrack tho....)
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I just remembered that I originally posted part of this on metafilter before (the transcript of the first episode of Douglas Adams' Doctor Who radio series) in a comment on fanfare a while ago. But everything else is completely new I think.
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Here's another item from my extensive collection of uncommon magazines from the past - an exceedingly rare edition of The Essex Chronicle Of Frightening Things from 1901.
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