Single-Serving Recipes ("I Eat Alone")
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Single-Serving Recipes ("I Eat Alone")
A recipe blog aimed at the single person who doesn't want to eat leftovers 6 days out of the week. Have a fresh meal every time, by cooking in one serving portions.
Role: author, photographer, cook
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by feckless fecal fear mongering on February 2, 2016: Single-Serving Recipes

A lot of these are straighforward "person comfortable with cooking improvises a meal from pantry and market staples", but everything is nicely photographed with clear directions. Based on AskMe questions, there exist plenty of folk who aren't comfortable cooking, or just improvising in the kitchen. This level of specification, and formalizing things into recipes and this could probably help them out. Nice project and nice execution!

I'm totally going to make a single serving of cream of onion soup this weekend. Maybe tonight.
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I really like this.
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So many single person desserts! I'm off to make vanilla pudding.
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Lovely! Posted to the Blue.

(If I might suggest another layer of functionality? If there's some way to group recipes that have similar ingredients, people could plan solo meals for a week with simple grocery shopping. And e.g. if today's calls for 1/3c onions and so does tomorrow's, may as well chop now, that sort of thing.)
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feckless fecal fear mongering -- thank you! There is such a functionality for what you describe by way of the tags. (If you're looking at it on a mobile device, Blogger might not be showing the tags list -- it does that as a space-saver -- but everything is in fact tagged by ingredient.)

Example, you need to get rid of a bag of onions? Onion recipes. Need to use up mushrooms? Mushroom recipes. And so on.
posted by Peregrine Pickle at 8:18 PM on February 2, 2016

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