Women in Comics
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Women in Comics
As this comment went over well, I decided to make a longer, annotated list of women in comics, worldwide. Though I started with comics I like, I did some research to find stuff I didn't know about, and I'd love to hear suggestions for more. There are currently about 220 entries.

There are similar lists, e.g. at Wikipedia, but this one has short descriptions to aid exploration, and links to reviews or to the comics. And there are wikis with far more information, but they're hard to explore; this is all on one page, by design.

I'm very weak on manga, and the European section is scant, especially for works not in French. So I could definitely use help there, but if I've missed anyone anywhere, or got details wrong, I'd like to know.
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Thank you for this effort. It is very much appreciated.
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Thanks, Alexandra! The best part of the research has been finding new stuff to read.

I've added more names— it's over 260 now.
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Some more names you could add (I'll probably come back with more later but I need to go eat a food)

EK Weaver -- http://big-big-truck.com/art/ -- Best known for her webcomic, "The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal," as well as shorts in various anthologies.

Der-shing Helmer -- http://www.shingworks.com -- Currently serializing two webcomics, "The Meek" and "Mare Internum"

Carey Pietsch -- http://www.careydraws.com -- Currently working on "Lumberjanes," previous work includes "Marceline: Gone Adrift" and myriad self-published shorts

Aatmaja Pandya-- http://aatmajapandya.com -- Best known for her webcomic, Travelogue
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When I look at the layout, I assume that the author of a series is the name touching the entry. I realized at this entry:
Drew Demo (2003) and later Conan; created East Coast Rising (about “punk rock pirates”); first woman to draw the main Batman title.
Danielle Corsetto

Created Girls With Slingshots (2004), mostly humorous comic on the life of twentysomethings.
Ursula Vernon
that I was incorrect. It seems like just changing the spacing so that the gap is between the end of the synopsis and the next creator would help.

Thanks for making this amazing resource -- I definitely have some more reading to do now.
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I did update the spacing; thanks for the idea.

Now up to 300 names!
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