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A Twitter account that reports terms that Giphy could not match on Slack.

If you use Slack, you may be familiar with one of its commands, /giphy [TERM], which searches Giphy for the term requested and posts an animated gif associated with the term to the channel. Sometimes there is no match for the requested term and the requester gets a response reading Giphy could not match [TERM].

For some reason, I get a big kick out of these and started to collect/share them. The next natural step was to post them to Twitter, 2-3 times a day. (I also post a few particularly good /giphy results.)

I would welcome (read as 'please contribute') additional things that Giphy could not match. There's a link to contribute (via Google form) on Twitter. I'm happy to credit the submission - I'm really not trying to take credit for these or anything. They just make me happy, both to collect and to have pop up in my personal Twitter timeline when I'm not thinking about them.

For the record, /giphy Metafilter.
Role: curator, runs Twitter account
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