Meddling Auntie icebreaker comics for families
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Meddling Auntie icebreaker comics for families
Bullies? Drugs? Puberty? Some topics are important to talk about but hard to bring up. For the past six years, I've been making comics for my niece to start conversations on tough subjects and soften harsh truths with cartoons. Now they're finally ready to share. Behold my total lack of qualifications. Appreciate the editing of Consultant Kristine Chester. Read the comics online or order hard copies for giving, sharing, and adding your own notes. No matter what, get motivated to break the ice with a kid you love. The only wrong way to talk about these things is not to talk about them at all.
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I don't have kids, only a couple nephews and I just read the Puberty issue and I REALLY think it's great. I'll show this to my sister. Also, I do storyboards as well and I'm really impressed by your stuff. It's great to see somebody take a skill that's usually harnessed with the intent of marketing stuff to kids, and turn it towards something so personal and important. Bravo.
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More power to you and your storyboarding, bonobo! I've done a little of that work, but I'm not great at vehicles... or interiors... or lighting... So, uh, these comics are definitely my right speed.

Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot. I hope your sister and nephews find these useful!
posted by AteYourLembas at 5:15 PM on December 2, 2015

I just read your Puberty issue, imagining what it would look like to both my 9-year old daughter who is just starting puberty, and the 13-year old I know, an ex's daughter, who is quite sexually precocious for her age. I think you covered all the main topics with a lot of honesty - puberty is vast indeed so it's hard to know where to stop. Your tone strikes me as more appropriate to the younger audience than the 13-year old girl I have in mind, who already uses very rough language and is quite familiar with sex toys and online pornography. To her, I imagine this might come across as at least a little condescending. However, I could see how my 9-year old could get a lot out of it, even if some of it is still too early to broach.

I was not expecting such a pro job after your humble intro, so kudos to you. The whole project is great, I will read the rest as I have more time.
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I love that the Bullies one even addressed the actions for not just the bullied, but the bullies themselves. Lots of good things to think about it there! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Thank you for the support! Feels good to know they're being useful. Here's to lots of uncomfortable honest good times.
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The puberty issue is awesome! Thank you for including body, sexuality, and gender diversity! And telling kids they need to be able to talk about sex!

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