The Black Tapes Podcast transcriptions
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The Black Tapes Podcast transcriptions
A site containing episode transcriptions of The Black Tapes Podcast.

Myself and a cohort who are preeeetty into this podcast created transcriptions for each episode for fan reference & enjoyment.
Role: transcriptionist, website creator
posted by moons in june (3 comments total)

Never heard of them, but I'm all for this on principle (for reasons), though I do see one big problem:

Right now in terms of presentation, this is effectively a collection of your fiction which is titled "The Black Tapes Transcripts" with no real indication that what that means is "transcripts of The Black Tapes" for someone who doesn't already know that. It's a bit rude not to at least link to the original episode pages, and I would say ideally embed the media(code on their Stitcher page). Maybe also a quick About page to explain what's going on?

Beyond that basic matter of credit, there's benefits to various potential groups of readers that embeds bring along, with basically no extra effort on your part. Some people use things like video captions and transcripts because they have trouble processing speech or it helps with learning a language, for example.
Also, the podcast isn't just talk but has music and on quick scan at least occasional sound effects. Besides those linguistic benefits, a reader might like to have that running in the background for environmental purposes.
posted by Su at 4:14 AM on October 31, 2015

Thanks for sharing your imput, Su. Really good suggestions, and some things I hadn't considered.

Maybe also a quick About page to explain what's going on?

I actually started this project for the /r/theblacktapes subreddit, who kept requesting transcripts for the show for reference purposes. Initially I was just transcribing and linking to the google docs, but I thought it'd be more convenient if they were all collected in one place that the subreddit could sidebar and reference. When I made the site, I was consciously trying to keep it as simple as possible: one place you could go for transcriptions of The Black Tapes Podcast.

It's a bit rude not to at least link to the original episode pages

FWIW, I did email the BTP producers who did give their blessing and enthusiastic support, and did not request that I link to the original material.

I am considering adding a "what is this" page, but the site was created with the notion that any visitors would already be fans of the podcast who knew where to go to listen to the show, but just wanted a text-based reference.
posted by moons in june at 1:26 PM on October 31, 2015

Hey, so I recently heard about Limetown (which was great), and Googling on that led me to The Black Tapes, which is a bit more my supernatural horror speed. I'd generally rather read narrative stuff like this than listen, so I'm greatly enjoying your site. Thanks very much for making it!
posted by Pope Guilty at 9:34 AM on February 26, 2016

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