A long post about three months' worth of mass shootings
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A long post about three months' worth of mass shootings
I wrote up a list of all the mass shootings that had happened in January, February and March of this year, and posted it to Facebook. Each event had a brief write-up from whatever news source I could find. Following the list are a bunch of words about the results of posting the list to Facebook, trends noticed, and a brief bit about what it's like, emotionally, to actually compile that list.
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I confess that after reading all the entries for January I started scrolling to the summaries for February and March. Because I just wanted to cry or scream. But I think it's important that you are doing this.
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This week's New Yorker has a couple of excellent pieces on gun violence in America. The first gives the lie to notions that nothing can be done about this problem, and the second considers how each school shooting inspires the next.
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