There's at least ONE.
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There's at least ONE.
Having found myself with a few moments of free time, I sculpted a life sized Tatzelwurm exhibit for the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.
Role: Sculptor
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That is very neat! Can you do a Dover Demon next? And can I have it? And can we secretly drive to where it was spotted in Dover, MA on April 21, 1977, causing a local panic, and place it at the side of the road?

Can we do that? Pretty please?

Seriously, my feelings about cryptozoology aside, this is very impressive. I am always amazed when artists can make things that look actually life-like.
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I try not to talk about future projects bondcliff, but it's mighty peculiar you mention that particular cryptid. Very peculiar indeed.

But - you can't have it.

If you dress up as Mothman though, I'll pick you up and drive you to Dover myself. Just to mix it up a little.
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Oh man oh man oh man. *crosses fingers*

Ms. Stuells, you are rapidly becoming my hero. I look forward to a line of Downton Abbey-related cryptids.

I grew up in the next town over from Dover (hey, that rhymed!) and clearly remember freaking the hell out (I was eight) at the drawing of the space alien that was on the front page of The South Middlesex News. I'd mostly forgotten about it until The Internet came about and I discovered people still wanted to believe.

I want to believe... it was a deer. Or perhaps a baby moose. Or maybe a mailbox under the right light.
posted by bondcliff at 9:46 AM on September 30, 2015 [1 favorite]

I'm not even invested in Belief - my own or anyone else's. I don't feel like I have to throw in on a side, just to enjoy the 'wow, this is interesting.' I like new species confirmed by science, I like folklore, and I like the bemusement I feel when I read off-the-wall reports from ordinary people with no established penchant for bizarre fantasy. Loren Coleman, founder of the museum, wrote Mysterious America and Curious Encounters in the 80s when I was an impressionable little kid. They were powerful fertilizer for my imagination, and I was grateful to have a chance to contribute to the museum.
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