Time Lapse of Daily Show set change
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Time Lapse of Daily Show set change
I'm a lighting tech and a photographer who loves to make time lapse movies of shows I work on, when I'm there for the whole run of an install. Occasionally the show finds out. Sometimes I get in trouble and sometimes I don't...my latest time lapse is a 7 week long shoot of the set change from the the set change from the Jon Stewart Daily Show to the Trevor Noah Daily Show.

I made it with two GoPros, dumping the images into iMovie and then GoPro's app on the Mac. It was painful. I asked this question a little while ago about better methods. I downloaded the Quicktime 7 app. It was fast, but it didn't work as well as I had hoped. If anyone else has tips and tricks or favorite applications to do this with so it's not so time- and memory-intensive, I'd love to hear them.
Role: Photographer, assembler, producer
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Well, that's pretty cool. Thank you!
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This is amazing! How cool to watch the behind-the-scenes.
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That's very cool thanks. Question - when the theater is filled was that test audiences and such? It went by fast but it looked 'real' for a few bits there.
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Yes, we did 4 test shows with full audiences. Since they wanted to use it for the premiere day, the full version I wanted to do-from Jon's last show to Trevor's first-it's not as complete as I'd like.
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That's incredible. Thanks!

Also, apparently today I learned that those are real screens. I'd always just assumed they were green drops.
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Thank you!!

So this might be a little inside baseball...on the old set we had a rear-projection screen they would put the green in and we had a green drop. We use the drop for full body stuff, shoots with furniture, taped pieces, etc.

The new set has 3 video walls (one is a touch screen), an RP screen and then also a drop. The switcher can key out anything in a given shade, so it can be a background, paint, a cloth drop, whatever.
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