How do I get my Facebook back? Is the Internet good or bad? How do ads know my location?
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How do I get my Facebook back? Is the Internet good or bad? How do ads know my location?
A handful of new puppety Media Show episodes for your entertainment, and possible use in helping friends, family, and students understand media and technology better:

How do I get my Facebook back? was a Google autocomplete question which we felt deserved the answer "have you tried serenading it with mariachis?" So our puppets teamed up with Mariachi Flor de Toloache, NYC's only all-female mariachi group. This is our first bilingual episode!

How do ads know my location? is a question many people may legitimately be wondering these days, so we tried to explain it as clearly as we could, making use of puppet cell-phone towers.

Same for How does Facebook know who my friends are? and How does Wikipedia create content?

Is TV Real? What an odd question. And yet, people asked Google. We've broken this down into a few scripts, including one on reality TV editing and one on ripped-from-the-headlines shows like Law and Order: Special Snowflake Unit. (What, you haven't seen that part of the L&O franchise yet?) Up next: a meditation on whether the news is real, including why Fox airs so many car chases.

Is the Internet good or bad? was such a ridiculous question we could only respond in kind.

And then we've done a bunch of silly little improv bits with a retired advertising executive who has his own show at the local cable access channel. These are very dear to our hearts, and we hope you'll enjoy them too.

We welcome your feedback!
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(I am a fledgling YouTube puppet person, and I aspire to something as great as this.)
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