10 cent stories, typewritten while you wait
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10 cent stories, typewritten while you wait
For two years I've been busking with a typewriter and a sign that says "10 cent stories typewritten while you wait". Just today I got an essay about it published in the toast and I've begun putting all of my stories and pictures of people I wrote them for on twitter @10centstories or #10centstories
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by Paul Slade on September 15, 2015: 10 cent stories, typewritten while you wait

This is great! It reminds me of the 24-hour play festivals I've taken part in, only even faster and with someone standing RIGHT THERE. The actual typewriter adds another dimension.
posted by xingcat at 10:01 AM on September 10, 2015

I’ve written stories about Elsa and Spiderman teaming up

I've had to make up pretty much the exact same story!
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This is delightful.
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I remember when, back in the day, stories were a nickel.

Seriously, this is terrific. Do you make carbon copies of the stories (would love to read a bock of your stories)?
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Nice to see this featured in USA Today :D
posted by snap, crackle and pop at 2:39 PM on October 7, 2015

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