Trekabout: A Star Trek Podcast
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Trekabout: A Star Trek Podcast
A persuasive Trekkie somehow convinces a franchise virgin to go on a seven-year-mission to watch every episode of every Star Trek series. Can someone fall in love with The Original Series 50 years later? Is Dr. Pulaski a better character than Dr. Crusher? What's the deal with Wesley and Geordi, anyway? And best of all, there are 158 episodes already released, so you've got plenty of thought-provoking commentary for your Original Series or Next Generation watch (or rewatch!)

We've been doing the show for three years now, and I think it's getting better all the time. My cohost has very singular interpretations of famous or classic Trek moments and episodes that I've never heard before. Even if you've been a Trekkie since 1966, I think there's something surprising or new in each episode. I hope you check it out!
Role: Host and producer
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Looks good! Any recommendations for a first-listen episode?
posted by churl at 12:30 PM on September 22, 2015

Good question! If you're familiar with Star Trek, you probably can't go wrong with our "All Good Things" episode, which acts as a discussion of TNG, of Star Trek, and of the podcast:

Actually, that's probably a good episode for someone not familiar with Star Trek, either.
posted by Automocar at 2:31 PM on September 22, 2015

Listened and loved!
posted by churl at 8:42 PM on October 6, 2015 [1 favorite]

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