Live standup/storytelling: 'New Yorkers Scream At Each Other When They're Being Nice.'
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Live standup/storytelling: 'New Yorkers Scream At Each Other When They're Being Nice.'
I told this story at The Moth's 'Grand SLAM' in Brooklyn a while back about the time that I was just trying to take the subway home and eat an entire container of Ben and Jerry's ice cream when my groceries spilled all over the train and I got in a screaming match with a really nice lady.

This performance happened a month or two ago at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. 'The Moth' featured it on their podcast on the week of August 5th, 2015, but I'm particularly proud of this video version. I've been working on this material for a very, very long time. If you like it, please consider sharing it.
Role: writer, performer
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empathetic and understanding in such a hateful way

I'll stop there - yes this was very funny - I heart The Moth and this was very entertaining!
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Enjoyed! Your other piece about the lizard and your pants, also.
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I feel like I'm meeting/typing at a celebrity :-) Listening to this on The Moth, I laughed so very hard. I enjoyed it so much the first time, I actually immediately went back and listened to it again.
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