Picture a Flat Surface: The Enduring Mystery of "After Last Season"
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Picture a Flat Surface: The Enduring Mystery of "After Last Season"
After Last Season exists in the subconscious of the internet mostly as “that trailer with the cardboard MRI machine.” Even among the most diehard fans of weird cinema, it is something that may have made a momentary blip on their radar if they have even heard of it at all.

In a world where virtually no question about even the most obscure film can go unanswered for long, the enigma of After Last Season and its writer/director Mark Region is even more fascinating. Part 1 covers the reaction to the trailer, the film's release, and why it remains such an obscure cult artifact. Part 2 is made up of interviews with cast members of the film and the short Mark Region made in 2005, "Medium Waves."

Previously, previously.
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part 1 seems to argue it was expensive because of 35mm film, but part 2 has one of the actresses saying they used a cheap digital camera.

(but i liked the article)
posted by andrewcooke at 7:37 AM on July 16, 2015

Thanks for giving it a read! Glad you enjoyed it.

There's a note on Mary's comment in the piece about the camera that was probably used. It's possible that she thought it was a digital camera because the camera supposedly used to shoot the film (the Arriflex BL-3) is very compact for a 35mm film camera. If that is indeed the camera used for the shoot--I don't know where the IMDB tech info came from and no one I spoke to could definitively confirm it for me--it would not be surprising that Mary could mistake it for a bulky "pro" digital camera circa the mid-2000s depending on the lenses and other attachments used with it.
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oh, i totally missed that!
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After Last Season is truly one of the most fascinating, confounding movie experiences of my life. This is such a great in-depth exploration of it! (If anyone is on the fence about tracking it down, I highly recommend doing so. It's certainly unlike anything else. Impossible to prepare for it.)
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