Awesomelytics: cross-site real-time and historical web analytics
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Awesomelytics: cross-site real-time and historical web analytics
In addition to standard web analytics features — view detailed visitor information in real time on a world map, analyze historical information on visits, record events, and so on — Awesomelytics lets you retrieve visitor events on any of your properties from any of your other properties when you install the tracking code on multiple websites. This allows you to follow your users as they move between your sites and act on information gleaned on your other websites. Installation is straightforward and is documented for various platforms. A WordPress plugin is also available.
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I am fully aware that this is invasive and terrifying. Please use it for good, not evil.
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Usage Example

Because you have access to your other properties' visits and recorded events through the front-end, you can set up cross-site logic. Let's say you run Alice's Airplanes, Bob's Bicycles, and Charlie's Cars. When someone visits Alice's Airplanes:
  1. If the user hasn't visited Charlie's Cars, show them a promo banner for Charlie's Cars.
  2. If the user has visited Charlie's Cars but hasn't visited Bob's Bicycles, show them a promo banner for Bob's Bicycles.
  3. If the user has already visited both Bob's Bicycles and Charlie's Cars, show them a discount banner for Alice's Airplanes.
Or, if the visitor has entered their income information at any of the three sites, market bicycles, cars, or airplanes (as appropriate to their income) at each of the three sites.

Or, if you really want to creep a visitor out, pre-fill a registration form with their name and email gleaned from another of your sites.
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