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A new app I wrote for the iPhone and iPod Touch to remotely control the MPD open-source networked music playing software, start/stop playback, edit the playlist, browse the music collection and queue up tracks for playing. (App Store link.)

MPD (Music Player Daemon) is an open-source program which runs mostly on UNIX/Linux; one installs it on a computer, points it at a directory full of MP3s, plugs some speakers in and then uses various clients to send commands to it over the local network.

There is another iOS-based client, but it does not scale well to larger music collections, as it retrieves a list of all songs on the server at startup time. On my music collection, this took several minutes. MPDluxe does not have this problem, as it does not maintain an internal list of songs, and retrieves each directory listing as it is needed. It also was a chance to experiment with various techniques and technologies, including a custom container view controller for the interface, an embedded OpenType font for scalable icons, and the Swift programming language (in which everything but lower-level networking code is written).
Role: programmer/designer
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