Living in Twilight
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Living in Twilight
In which we learn that Charles was a firm, loving and slightly mercurial professor, and that you can save art departments with pee...

This is a book I wrote about art and living through the wilderness of someone else's death. I'm serializing it--a couple chapters a week--and there's seven up now. It's funny, dark, and chock full of paintings. I hope it's an elegant exploration of a pretty grim subject; part of the reason I decided to serialize it was the potential for discomfort with "too much too quickly." Another reason was because it's a tough book to package neatly. I decided that it was easier to "show" than to "tell."

I've been a member of MeFi forever, but I have few comments to show for it. I'm pretty damned reticent about the web in general, but in this case, I figure beta-testing on MeFi is the least likely arena for getting smoked by haters. The landing page explains what I thought might be the triggers for some. I have a feeling you guys are up for it.
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I will set aside some time to read this when I am not at work. But my compliments on finding a way to make something creative out of a sad event.
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Thanks! I hope that you find something of value there, should you go back and poke around.
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