The Cat Vs Kirk
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The Cat Vs Kirk
A man watches a movie. A cat takes a nap. Who used their time more wisely?

Over the last few years I've spent a lot of time analyzing my obsessive need to consume culture. On the one hand I know that good art (and in particular good movies) can enrich my time on Earth, and that's a noble pursuit. On the other hand my cat spends all her time sleeping and I think she might be happier than me. The Cat Vs Kirk is a movie review site that rates movies not by thumbs or stars or tomatoes but rather by asking: which one of us is right - the one who is aspiring to something greater, or the one who is content to give into her animal urges? If the movie is worth seeing than I win. If I would have been better off spending my time taking a nap then she wins.

The site isn't perfect yet - there are still some design things that I need to work on - but I've spent a lot of time over the last few months working on getting better at writing the reviews. They run the gamut from classics like It's a Wonderful Life to to goofy obscurities like Oversexed Rugsuckers from Mars to contemporary blockbusters like The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I try to balance out being thoughtful with being goofy to giving up on the movie and just talkin' bout the cat. And of course, since this is a cat-centric blog there are plenty of photos of the cat.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I know that no one really needs another movie review site, but if you are a movies person there's a good chance that there will be something to interest you here.
Role: Head writer; main cat-fighter
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