Dancing with Cannibals
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Dancing with Cannibals
Dicho Ilunga’s Dancing with Cannibals brings an African perspective to telling the story of the most horrifying chapter in the European colonization of the African continent.

Never before has there been a novel about the genocide in the Congo Free State written in English by an African writer. Dancing with Cannibals would seem to have been influenced by Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (which is also set in the Congo during the Belgian regime) and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, but Dicho Ilunga has not read either of those books. Ilunga’s writing is largely absent a European context. Ilunga describes his literary training as coming from the Zairian writers that he read in school and from two novels by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho who Ilunga says has an African style.

Dicho Ilunga is the author of several accomplished, unpublished novels. Born in Zaire, Dicho Ilunga fled to Rwanda as a political refugee only to become embroiled in the Rwandan genocide through his marriage to a Tutsi woman. Dicho Ilunga now lives in South Africa, where again he is a political refugee.

Dancing is split into 3 ebooks and each can be read on the Kindle Cloud Reader (in-browser) or Kindle apps on many devices. Free previews are available.
Amnesty, Book 1
Mastery, Book 2
Ancestors, Book 3
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