anaphylaxis album "Shell Beach" coming 12 April 2015
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anaphylaxis album "Shell Beach" coming 12 April 2015
After the better part of a decade in limbo, the final anaphylaxis album Shell Beach is set for release on 12 April 2015. This date is the tenth anniversary of the release of the previous anaphylaxis album, noise for lovers.

Project founder Jason Coffman has been recording and performing under the name anaphylaxis for over twenty years, starting out releasing tapes and later using early music sharing services like and the Internet Underground Music Archive in the late 90s and early 2000s to release his music and connect with other like-minded artists.

Between 2005 and 2008, Coffman and Andrew Horton (also an occasional touring member of Joy Electric and artist in his own right) performed shows as anaphylaxis at the Cornerstone Music Festival, in the Chicago area, and at the Autobahn Fall Edition festival in Cincinnati in 2006. Just before releasing their album Shell Beach in early 2008, personal issues caused the band to abandon the album despite the fact that it was nearly complete.

Now that the album is finally set for release--as a Bandcamp download as well as in a limited edition pink cassette--Coffman looks back on the history of the project in "Some Weird Band You've Never Heard of: A (Long) Brief History of anaphylaxis."
Role: Performer, composer, producer, writer
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