?? DAYS OF DISORDER ??: 5 videos, curated daily
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?? DAYS OF DISORDER ??: 5 videos, curated daily
A videoblog where I post 5 videos a day, Monday to Friday, mainly selected from Vimeo and YouTube. The content is not very focused, but it usually reflects some of my interests: experimental video art, installations, new technologies, music visualisation, cymatics, geometry, contemporary dance, microscopic or macroscopic images, stop motion films, music videos that are visually interesting...

I hope this is interesting for others too. Although the blog is not totally new, I kept quiet about it until recently, so I hope the post is not considered out of place.
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posted by lux (2 comments total)

I love it!


of course there is now some sort of super granular psychometric profile of you in a database based on your interests and taste in visual entertainment.

these days I find myself digging deeper and deeper into Vimeo and of course Underviewed
posted by bobdow at 3:19 PM on April 1, 2015

[To bobdow]

I know, I know. The dangers of flaunting your tastes... When does a person become a brand, even unintentionally? But I doubt this has commercial value. I think the profile gets confused when I post medieval music from time to time. :-)

I had read about "Underviewed" but then forgot to check it. Thanks for the link!
posted by lux at 11:38 PM on April 1, 2015

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