War in Heaven
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War in Heaven
This is an ongoing project, in blog form. It involves my experiences with the War in Heaven as described in the Book of Revelation. I've written two books about it. You don't have to believe in any of it to find it an interesting read, I don't think. Rationally, I feel someimes like a UFO abductee when I talk about what happened to me. And I'm not going to say, "I know what I saw," but rather, "What the heck do you think it was?!" Really, it goes beyond crazy. See for yourself.

From the "About":
The main premise, I discovered, was that the War in Heaven—ostensibly about kicking Lucifer and his angels out of the Kingdom—was about much, much more than that. In short, the War was a conflict over what was and is and is to be: the nature of reality, of creation itself. If I remember correctly, realities were flying around left and right in the fighting. One usually never thinks about what was hardfought won in the War, that logic is logical, that cause comes before effect, those sorts of thing. But we won—and so we can all continue take such things for granted, praise the Lord. The comic books and the movies had it right: incredible things happen—the whole world endangered and saved—right under our noses, unnoticed by the crowds. I know of some of them.
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Heey, you did a self-post on the Blue way back in 2001, didn't you?
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Yes, I confess I did render such transgression, all those years back. I have not done it since, you can check the rest of my record, as you may find in my history. Forgive me that youthful indiscretion, will you?
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