Otto Jukebox - A multi-user streaming anti-cloud music player
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Otto Jukebox - A multi-user streaming anti-cloud music player
Otto is an open source music jukebox app that disguises itself as an iTunes replacement without all the extra baggage, but is actually a web-first, fully streaming, anti-cloud, social music server that allows multiple people to listen to the same stream of music at the same time and DJ for each other. Kinda like a private For Mac OSX and Linux. A limited demo loaded with some CC licensed music can be found here.

From the homepage:

Otto is an audio jukebox that gracefully organizes, plays, and streams your very large music collection.

Otto enables multiple people to centrally organize their music while keeping their files separate. Otto knows who is listening and picks tracks preferentially from their collections (with a curveball or two thrown in).

It is always picking and playing your music with a never ending playlist. Anyone can play DJ and queue up requests. There is an integrated chat room so you can argue about it.

Its web based interface allows you to connect to it from multiple devices. Many people can listen to the same channel of music at the same time. It has multiple channels.

Otto simplifies and unifies a number of open source music playing and streaming packages into one very easy to use application. It enables streaming playback and browsing / playlist control by almost any device that supports a web browser, no dedicated client software needed!
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This looks entirely sweet and I'm looking forward to giving it a test run.
posted by klangklangston at 3:00 PM on November 26, 2014

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