Electobot: Open-Source UK Election Predictions
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Electobot: Open-Source UK Election Predictions
Opinion polls are all well and good, but they don't give you much of an idea of what might actually happen in an election (particularly in a multi-party democracy like the UK). Electobot aims to solve that by running thousands of simulated elections in order to work out what might happen if the election were run tomorrow with the polls as they are. In addition to running the simulations, I've also been blogging the results at Electobot: The Blog.

Obviously election predictions already exist, but I couldn't find one that both gave me some idea of how likely a given outcome was, and was open-source for tinkering. So I made my own! Electobot is written entirely in Python with as few dependencies as possible, and is released under the Apache License so that anyone can help out or make their own version.
Role: Sole developer and blogger
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