make tired: the conditioning workout generator for iOS
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make tired: the conditioning workout generator for iOS
I made an iPhone and iPad app that creates short, intense workouts to make you tired after strength training.

make tired is an app for iPhone and iPad that generates short finisher workouts to make you tired after a strength workout.

The idea is that you do your regular strength training and then use the app to whip up a random conditioning workout. It might give you something fundamental like a set of sprints or five minutes of burpees, or it might randomly generate a circuit from a set of templates. This complements strength training by providing movement variety and making sure you don't get used to any one conditioning tool.

Workouts range from less than 5 minutes to the rare 20 minute benchmark effort. This allows you to do both strength and conditioning in one workout. The app works particularly well alongside strength programs like 5/3/1 and GreySkull LP, since they're designed to leave some room for conditioning.

The workouts scale to your ability level (assuming you have a base level of physicality and you're not an Olympic athlete), and include exercise descriptions. You can toggle the basic equipment options: pull-up bar, dip bars, a place to run, and dumbbells or kettlebells. The workouts in the app are *not* appropriate for people who are unable to hang from a pull-up bar for at least fifteen seconds.

I built it using ClojureScript and Cordova. Get it on the Apple App Store. Please contact me by email or MeMail with any feedback, no matter how small.
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