Manyland, a browser-based 2d universe we all draw together
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Manyland, a browser-based 2d universe we all draw together
In infinite sandbox MMO Manyland, a world with no pre-set goals, what you draw becomes real and can be placed... so we all invent the universe pixel by pixel. Manyland is using HTML5 JS/ Canvas to display the world, and chat is real-time-as-you-type. There's over 9 million blocks placed so far, and a while ago we added a scripting language so you can add logic to blocks. This is a labor of love and we've now worked on it for over 2 years, and the community has done amazing things.
Role: co-creator
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by cortex on November 3, 2014: It's a little bit Glitch, a little bit Minecraft, a lot wonderful

Oh my gosh, I'd seen this mentioned in passing but hadn't hopped in before. So much stuff! I like how someone set up ASGARD and also ASSGARD.

And of course I immediately want to find the frontier so I can go crazy without messing with anyone else's stuff.
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and so of course I immediately go and make a menger sponge
posted by cortex at 12:46 PM on October 29, 2014

Cortex this area is less full... you can also create a new area if you hit rank 2 (which should happen quickly).
posted by philipp at 1:41 PM on October 29, 2014

This is phenomenal and amazing and you should feel phenomenal and amazing.
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